Freebord FAQ: What’s the difference between maple and bamboo?

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Our maple decks are made with traditional 7 ply Canadian rock maple that most skate decks are made with. Maple decks have slightly more pop than bamboo decks, but aren’t as rigid as bamboo; either deck rides great and get the job done, it just depends on your personal preference.



Our bamboo-maple hybrid decks are made with a 5 ply Canadian rock maple core and 2 plys (top and bottom of vertically laminated bamboo). The bamboo plys make this deck stronger, slightly lighterand more rigid (providing more edge control/responsiveness than the pure maple deck).


About Freebord

Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.

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  • Matthew Stutts says:

    which board type would you recommend for someone who had a little experience with skateboards and mid to high level snowboarding experience?

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