FRA’s are about to go down and people have already begun to flood the factory with bags and boards. We went all in this year and put together some great gift bags equipped with a lazer etched pint glass, coaster w/ a bottle opener, an FRA 2014 Shirt and a bunch of stickers/decals. If you’re in the area I highly advise you swing by the warehouse to eat, drink and ride the ramps we put together. We’ll be HERE all night (10.11.14)

Matt Reyes

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I'm strong like Gahndi, smart like Snooki, trusting like the police, tan like David Hasselhoff, slick like sandpaper, conventional like Dennis Rodman, and handsome like Sloth from the goonies. I'm a cat aficionado, powered by coffee who spends most of his time surfing the internet or your friend's empty couch. When I'm not sitting at my desk here at Freebord, I'm out riding my bike, thinking about pizza, or riding my bike while thinking about pizza.

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