East Coast Spring Ride

By May 8, 2009September 14th, 201711 Comments

Where: Radford University

When: May 22-24

Organizer(s): Justin Oliver

Organizer’s Contact Info
Email: [email protected]

Ride Details: All types of hills will be available, come one come all!

Organizer’s Comments: Ok guys, gonna be a dope weekend of riding, I plan on starting the ride off at my house then we may camp out Saturday night so we can hit the backcountry all day Sat and early Sun. Come prepared to camp out, I live in a college house with a bar/lounge instead of a living room so I don’t have couches.

What to Bring: Freebord, Tools, Sleeping bag, Air Mattress, good times, good weather, $$, water, etc…


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