On The Road

On The Road
May 6, 2008


The FISE is the biggest extreme sports event in Europe... We went there this weekend to Represent Freebord, meet local riders, and have fun all together... Here's our crazy shit. idiots envoyé par noanx
On The Road
May 4, 2008

Represent 08 Tour Kickoff

John and I Finaly left San Francisco and went up to Placerville to ride with some people then headed over to Mammoth for the West Cost Invitational. Here's a little video of our adventures so far. Freebord Represent Tour Kick off Uploaded by FreebordVideos
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May 1, 2008

Nico from went Freebording with Arnaud in Lyon last weekend and is already addicted to the ride! Check out his post here. Bonus video inside: Kevin Pearce freebording in Mammoth
On The Road
April 28, 2008

Ride the French vineyard

Wen I arrived in Lyon, I asked to the best riders to show me their favourite local spot. So we drove for 30 minutes and arrived in the middle of the the famous Cotes du Rhones vineyard, on a prety sick spot.
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April 25, 2008

Represent ’08 Tour

Freebord is hitting the road and we want you to get involved! Come out and be a part of the Represent Tour, or if you can't make it in person, download the Represent Kit and spread the hype. Check out the details here.