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Boards for Beats Contest

By February 23, 2012May 19th, 201453 Comments

Freebord is in need of new soundtracks for our videos and we want to trade you Freebord gear for your original beats!

As a lot of you know, picking a soundtrack for a video can be difficult to do. Well, it’s even harder to do when you’re limited to using free music. That’s why we want to feature your songs in our upcoming videos and hook you up with free gear for your efforts. We don’t care if it’s hip hop, punk, death metal, or a cappella carols, if we can use it in a video, you’ll get free stuff!

We’re looking for as many great tracks as we can get and encourage you to submit as many songs as possible. Just remember, all tracks must be your original work, which means no sampling or mashups of copyrighted material. Check out this link if you have any questions about copyrighted material.

How to enter
To enter, just post a link to your track in the comments of this post before Saturday, March 31. We’ll listen to all the tracks and announce the winners shortly after the deadline.

What you’ll get
The composer behind the overall best track will win a complete setup of their choice. But we’re not stopping there. We’ll also be giving away free sets of Da Blues for all runner-up songs we like. The only catch is that all tracks need to meet our video standards. So if we can’t use any of the tracks, no prizes will be awarded.

Good luck! And hit us up at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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